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BSS Lighting and Power Solutions is an Accredited Certified Provider (ACP) under the IPART NSW Energy Savings Scheme which means that we can generate Energy saving Certificates for our clients. 

Under the scheme, Energy Savings Certificates are created when a company can legitimately prove they have reduced or improved their energy use. The certificates can be sold to electricity retailers who have an annual target number of certificates they must create themselves or acquire from others. These certificates are then passed on to you the customer to reduce the capital cost of upgrading your lighting to LED. 

It is important that as a customer your lighting upgrade not only meets your expectations in terms of energy saving but also satisfies the scheme requirements such as minimum lux levels, colour temperature, colour rendering index, reflectance and Building Code of Australia requirements.


At BSSLPS we understand that it can be difficult to differentiate between the multitude of offerings when looking for an upgrade provider. This is why we took the decision to provide our customers with a full turnkey solution from product selection to installation through to certificate generation. We also differ from our competitors in that we have an LED manufacturing facility in Australia, we believe this allows us to offer a superior product selection to our customers and provide local warranty support. 

For all our lighting upgrades we carry out a full 3D computer simulation of our client's premises pre-installation which removes all the guesswork regarding replacement wattages. This ensures the lighting upgrade is fully compliant with Australian Standards for insurance purposes.