Our High Bays are now available with PIR and motion sensor

The BSS Pro High Bay light is now available with the Honeywell Ex-Or passive infrared (PIR) sensor that incorporates daylight harvesting and motion detection in one unit. The sensor can be programmed in situ to maintain the room at different lux levels giving clients greater control over the lighting levels in their facility.

As the natural light levels increase through skylights or openings during the day, the BSS LED Pro High Bay will automatically dim down, maintaining the room at the set light level. Conversely, as the natural light decrease then the high bays will increase its brightness until the minimum lux levels are achieved. In addition, the sensor can operate with motion-detection, again dimming the light levels when there’s been no activity in the area for a set period of time.

All our sensor and High Bay packages come with a five-year warranty and are approved under the government VEET and IPART rebate schemes.