When glare control is a priority

You call BSS!

The BSS Pro Floodlight provides the ultimate solution in glare control for applications where light spill is not acceptable and conventional lighting cannot provide a solution. Utilising LEDiL lenses that ensure directional control of the light combined with a louvered shroud to prevent direct line of sight of the LED’s from a 40° viewing angle. These fittings have been developed specifically for use in pedestrian and vehicle movement environments where light pollution can be a safety issue as well as a nuisance to residents. Designed to withstand corrosive environments by utilising 316 marine grade stainless steel fittings and a three-stage powder coat processes on the aluminium castings Manufactured in Australia using quality OSRAM Oslon Square LED’s and OSRAM OTE streetlight drivers, these fittings come with a five-year warranty that is fully supported by our Australian factory.