Worried about lumen depreciation of your LED factory lights? We're not!

Over the lifetime of an LED module, the light output drops due to the ageing process of the LEDs. At BSS LED Australia our High Bay lights incorporate the Osram OT 165/170-240/1A0 4DIMLT2 E driver which has a constant lumen output feature. This is a programmable option where the LED driver stores the operating hours of the LED module and increases the driver output current to react to the light output drop. Referencing luminaire test reports IES TM 21 (lumen depreciation method) and IES LM 84-14 we are able to tailor the current settings for each application based on customer requirements.

We are coming across more and more cases where WHS/OH&S and insurance companies are taking a closer look at the minimum lux levels requirements in relation to Australia Standards and Building Codes Australia. There are serious financial consequences involved when a business must close its doors due to poor lighting levels and urgent rectification work has to be carried out.