Tismor Main Warehouse Before and After
Tismor Main Warehouse Before and After




Tismor Health & Wellness, a contract manufacturing company situated in a pedigree pharmaceutical production site, delivering quality products to the market for more than 20 years.

In 2019 BSSLPS carried out a full site upgrade to LED lighting to their manufacturing facility in Kingsgrove, NSW. In total the project invloved replacing 1,100 luminiares across the site with zero interruptions to manufacturing operations. The upgrade resulted in Tismor saving 5,596 tonnes in carbon emissions, $177,780 per year in electricity savings with a return on investment of only 7 months.


The project involved developing a bespoke Food-grade LED light fitting that complied with the Cleanroom requirements as well as IPART safety and performance standards. The design by our team in-house team allowed the fittings to be easily installed without breaking the seal to the rooms below. This saved Tismor additional money as the contamination cleaning process was not required post installation.